Objectroot is a new filesystem hierarchy for Unix-like operating systems. Based on the principle of object-orientation, it specifies a filesystem organization that is radically different from the classic hier(7) layout and its descendants. In so doing, it

  1. provides an elegant solution to a number of problems that have plagued Unix for decades;
  2. significantly reduces the cost of administering computers and computer clusters; and
  3. opens up a new evolutionary path for the operating system to take for the future.

Some of the benefits of objectroot are:

  • Eliminates naming conflicts on commands, libraries, packages, etc.
  • Allows multiple OS variants and versions to be installed simultaneously
  • Maintains software publisher-specific trust zones for permissability and chrootability
  • Introduces a novel way to configure system-wide services
  • Reduces much of the surface complexity that Unix is infamous for

... and it achieves all the above (and more) with a design that is simple and easy to understand.

The objectroot concept is documented here in its entirety for anyone to implement. There is nothing to buy, license or download. Just read it and start living it!