The ship metaphor

One playful metaphor to illustrate the //hosts/self relocation, and objectroot in general, is to think of the computing system as a ship and the filesystem hierarchy as the ship's structure.

SS Hier 7 was a small steamboat with a lopsided superstructure. Most of the hull space was taken up by the turbine and coal fuel storage area. The engine section was not isolated from the rest of the ship. Instead of cabins, there were marked sections for passengers, luggage and a minimal cargo locker. The crew had to bunk together in a small corridor next to the boiler space and furnace. There were various abandoned containers and dysfunctional mooring equipment moving about on the main deck. Cruising was stressful and taxing.

MS ObjectRoot is like an aircraft carrier for civilians. There is hardly any superstructure, and the hull has separate compartments for everything. The engine room is tucked away two deck levels down. There are not one but multiple engines: one ready to take over if another one fails. If needed, the Chief Engineer can access the resources of the engine rooms of any of the fleet's other vessels. Passengers will never need to come into contact with the ship's control or propulsion functions. Cruising is safe and pleasant.